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Mike Kelly Google TV Conf Crop
Michael Kelly
18 Jun, 2015. 0 Comments. . Posted By: Alpha Bay

Kelly is the principal shareholder in Alpha Bay, LLC and is active in the technology sector through various private equity investments and other entrepreneurial activities.

Michael Kelly founded Kelly Broadcasting Systems in 1991, which operated satellite transmission facilities around the globe. KBS licensed and distributed international radio and television programming from countries like Brazil, Croatia, Egypt, Greece, Holland, Italy, India, Jordan, Lebanon, Pakistan, Portugal, Russia, Saudi Arabia and the UAE. While at KBS, he was named the Ernst and Young 1998 Entrepreneur of the Year.   

In 2000, Kelly joined Dish after the company merged with Kelly Broadcasting Systems. Most recently Kelly served as president of Dish’s Blockbuster unit, which was acquired out of bankruptcy in 2011. While at Dish, Kelly led the development of its international programming business and was responsible for launching more than 50 international networks.

Kelly recently retired from Dish where he served as an executive vice president for more than a decade, leading direct sales, commercial sales and advertising sales operations. He spearheaded Dish’s advertising venture with Google called “Ad Sense for TV” and facilitated Dish’s role as a launch partner in the Google TV platform. Kelly was also responsible for several innovative projects including an automated anonymized set top box audience measurement platform and Dish’s successful set top box addressable advertising network. While heading up Dish’s customer care division, the company received top industry rankings from the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) and J.D. Power and Associates. Kelly also led many of Dish’s acquisitions and strategic investments during his tenure.  

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