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Lantz Moore
15 Jun, 2015. 0 Comments. . Posted By: Alpha Bay

Lantz Moore joined Alpha Bay in 2007 as a Senior Architect. In this role, Mr. Moore has been a major contributor to the successful development and innovation efforts for the company’s Retail POS Suites

Mr. Moore brings more than 20 years of experience in software development and technology. Building distributed applications, reviewing code, mentoring, and performance analysis of large systems. While at Alpha Bay, Mr. Moore has lead the design and implementation of the backend infrastructure for a distributed real-time retail solution, including point of sale, customer management, ordering, receiving, reporting, and integration with third-party tools. He built a custom load test harness used to find system bottlenecks. Tasked with taking care of the production application servers, Moore built a comprehensive tool suite to manage all aspects of production and is responsible for all code reviews as well as maintaining the development environment.

Prior to joining Alpha Bay, Mr. Moore has successfully owned and operated Tump Co where he has assisted clients in all phases of the design and implementation of large scale distributed Java systems. Clients have included Alpha Bay Corporation (SaaS retail solution), Dynix Inc (library automation), and Contigo Software LLC (online meeting software). Mr. Moore also mentors staff programmers via design assistance and detailed code reviews, while helping management understand the various technologies in play.

Mr. Moore holds a B.S in Computer Science from Eastern Kentucky University and Masters (all but Dissertation) in Computer Engineering, University of Cincinnati.

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