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POS Apps

αBay Point of Sale applications empower your store associates to become sales consultants instead of simply cashiers. αBay’s powerful Mobile POS and Mobile Point of Service applications integrate with legacy POS systems, so you can quickly realize the benefits of a mobile Point of Sale future.

Simpler, Faster Checkout


αBay Mobile POS by Alpha Bay gives you the power and functionality of a modern, full-featured Point of Sale workstation in the palm of your hand. Assist customers, find inventory and process payments from anywhere in the store – all from a mobile device.

Download the αBay Mobile POS Datasheet to learn more.

Powerful Extension to Legacy POS:

  • Eliminate checkout lines
  • Transform cashiers into sales consultants
  • Eliminate lost sales due to long delays
  • Provide quick answers to inventory or pricing inquiries
  • Drive impulse buying
  • Process returns without waiting

Assist Customers from Anywhere in the Store

αBay Point of Service delivers access to real-time customer, product, and inventory information, creating opportunities to turn occasional shoppers into lifetime customers. αBay Point of Service works with legacy POS hardware and the industry’s latest mobile devices, thereby increasing functionality without costly hardware/device replacement.

Download the αBay Point of Service Datasheet to learn more.


Richer Customer Experience:

  • Process in-store returns for items purchased on the web or from catalogs
  • Create or access customer profiles and purchase history
  • Look up cross-store and cross-channel inventory
  • Access and interface to the existing retail website
  • Fulfill web-generated and catalog orders

Store Operations Apps

αBay Store Operations applications provide store management with powerful tools that deliver insight and flexibility to boost in-store sales. αBay Store Operations apps provide key business functions such as Store Inventory Management, Customer Relationship Management, Merchandising Management and much more, so you can streamline operations, increase customer satisfaction and maximize store profitability.

Reduce Out-of-Stocks and Increase Sales

The αBay Store Inventory Management app enables employees to access real-time inventory information from anywhere in the store. Manage all of your inventory from any device – store transfers, pricing, quantities, margins, receiving and more, all in real-time.


Sell Smarter with Personalized Service


αBay Customer Relationship Management app collects and organizes information about customers on a real-time basis, so you can put actionable customer information at the fingertips of your employees. Having real-time information readily available at the Point of Service enables employees to:

  • “Save the Sale”
  • Increase basket size
  • Drive customer loyalty
  • Enhance the customer shopping experience

Manage Dynamic Pricing at Store Level

The αBay Merchandising Management app is a powerful solution for retailers to proactively implement pricing strategies at the store level. Drive sales with the ability to quickly change prices, create price rules, activate pending price changes and print shelf labels—all from the sales floor.


Maintain a Complete Audit Trail with Automation


The αBay Cash Management app enables retailers to track valuable revenue data and provides a clear audit trail with built-in reporting. Managers can perform issues, pickups, and checkout tills while ensuring accountability of the day’s transactions — so registers can be quickly reconciled and balanced. With αBay Cash Management you’ll reduce the time spent on bookkeeping and deter employee theft.

Enterprise Management Apps

αBay Enterprise Management applications provide the control and visibility required to satisfy the needs of your entire organization. By applying real-time insight into critical retail performance metrics, decision making is dramatically improved — allowing you to drive sales and improve store profitability across your entire retail enterprise. Improve information integrity across your extended enterprise with αBay Enterprise Management applications.

Understand Your Customers to Keep Them Coming Back

αBay Price and Promotions Management app gives retailers the dynamic tools and information they need to convert knowledge about customers into increased sales. Integrated pricing, promotions, ad management, and analytics enable you to offer the right products at the right price based on your unique customers. Plan which items to promote, the details for the promotion, and when and where to run the promotion – all with a simplified setup and configurable templates.

Download the αBay Price and Promotions Management Datasheet to learn more.


  • Regional/Zone Pricing
  • Value-Based Pricing
  • Seasonal Pricing
  • Target-Return Pricing
  • Cost Plus Pricing

Consistent Data Across All Channels

The αBay Item Management app offers an integrated merchandise management solution to ensure accurate and consistent data across all areas of your retail operations. Items need only be set up once and the finance department, distribution center, merchandisers, buyers, etc. can all view the same real-time item information.


Turn Real-Time Data into Smarter Business Decisions

The αBay Business Intelligence/Reporting app provides key business data with a simple click. αBay  Business Intelligence enables you to collect, consolidate and analyze real-time information from any device, anywhere in your retail enterprise.


Built-in Reporting:

  • Comprehensive Sales Analysis
  • Loss Prevention Analysis and Alerting
  • Customer Profiling
  • Promotional and Pricing Analysis
  • Sales Audit

Drive Omni-Channel Inventory Fulfillment

The αBay Inventory Cost Management app provides a comprehensive set of features required to make critical inventory control decisions across your entire retail enterprise. αBay Inventory Cost Management is your centralized source for advanced inventory control, tracking, shipping/receiving, transfers and real-time inventory information.



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