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Customer Experience with IoT and Biometrics

In order to create next-gen customer experiences, our team created advanced retail solutions where retailers are able to create customized experiences for users just by walking into the store.

Our team uses tools such as facial recognition and demographics profiling. Data is gathered through beacons and other IoT technologies in order to provide analytics and insights to the retailers in order to provide improved levels of customer support and store optimization.

Marketing Begins When the Customer Enters the Store

The moment a user walks into a store or within a proximity location of a vendor, Alpha Bay can securely identify user demographics with a wide-angle camera to create a customized shopping experience as they navigate through the store by offering coupons, targeted incentives and customized content.


Customer Attention Tracking System

The Kinetic Retail Attention Tracking System uses the OpenCV computer vision library to track customer attention and dwell time for ad triggering and impression tracking. Developed using Python for Raspberry Pi implementations and C++ for Linux.

Facial Recognition Ad Triggering

  • Alpha Bay tech enables retailers to extend the shopping experience beyond the visit.
  • Post transactional communications should be relevant and high value.
  • Our team deployed the first use of Facial Recognition and IoT sensors for data monetization.
  • New forms of in-store advertising and customer tracking make and physical or digital space “self aware” and use AI powered data for personalization and entirely new revenue models.

Use Case 1: Grocery

Challenge: Learn the effectivity of promotions on screens

Method: Test different promotions at different hours of the day, and during different weeks of the month. Use Campaign Intelligence to measure preferences.

Conclusion: Women showed better attention time. There was a sale increase between 11% and 30%.

Gift Card Comps increased 14% on average!


Use Case 2: Outdoor

Customer: Simon, the world’s largest shopping mall company, with 500+ DOOH (Digital Out of Home) screens in the USA

Challenge: Brands want increased transparency and security when it comes to buying advertising campaigns

Method: Alpha Bay worked with Simon to introduce in 2022 a risk-free “impression guarantee”, where brands only pay for the audience they reach, based on real people (not devices) exposed to screens

Conclusion: Simon will be the first in the US test such transparency, resulting in winning budgets at a challenging time imposed by the pandemics.


Delivers a Highly Accurate Measurement of Impressions

Alpha Bay provides human footfall and vehicle detection in real time.

  • Along with presence time and type & color of vehicle
  • Masks make it possible to only analyze one direction if needed

Alpha Bay converts these into impressions

  • In the case of vehicles, we use government ‘passenger per vehicle’ statistics in each city for the conversion (eg 1.9 persons per car, 7 per bus, etc)
  • This can be used for highly precise audience per content reports

Uncompromising Privacy & Security



We don’t do face recognition. We don’t track consumers. No image is ever seen by a human, or is ever transmitted or recorded. No personal data is ever produced.



We support our partners in their privacy assessment and exchanges with local data protection regulators.



Alpha Bay’s platform has been audited by German privacy specialist ePrivacy which granted its EU data protection privacy seal.



Alpha Bay’s platform has successfully passed penetration tests and is compliant with stringent security frameworks.