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Complete Retail Tools in the Palm of Your Hand

Alpha Bay isn’t just a Point of Sale system, it’s a full-featured retail suite that allows you to super service your customers and manage your business – anytime, anywhere, and on any device with internet access.



αBay’s Enterprise Management applications provide the control and visibility to meet the needs of your entire organization. Apply real-time insights into critical retail performance metrics to drive sales and improve profitability across your entire retail enterprise.

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αBay Store Ops applications provide store management with powerful tools that deliver insights and flexibility to boost in-store sales. Streamline operations, increase customer satisfaction and maximize store profitability with our cloud-based retail applications.

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αBay’s POS applications empower your store associates to become sales consultants instead of simply cashiers. Powerful apps integrate with legacy systems, so you can seamlessly realize the benefits of a mobile Point of Sale future.

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Enterprise Management Retail Control Center

Gone are the days where items are setup at the store level and nightly batch processes move the data to corporate headquarters.

Enterprise Management was built to process data in real time to adapt to customer needs, increase sales and lower costs.

The powerful pricing and promotion engine allows corporate marketers and analysts to find creative ways to staying ahead of the competition.


Understand Your Customers to Keep Them Coming Back

αBay Price and Promotions Management app gives retailers the dynamic tools and information they need to convert knowledge about customers into increased sales. Integrated pricing, promotions, ad management, and analytics enable you to offer the right products at the right price based on your unique customers. Plan which items to promote, the details for the promotion, and when and where to run the promotion – all with a simplified setup and configurable templates.


Consistent Data
Across All Channels

The αBay Item Management app offers an integrated merchandise management solution to ensure accurate and consistent data across all areas of your retail operations. Items need only be set up once and the finance department, distribution center, merchandisers, buyers, etc. can all view the same real-time item information.

Drive Omni-Channel Inventory Fulfillment

The αBay Inventory Cost Management app provides a comprehensive set of features required to make critical inventory control decisions across your entire retail enterprise. αBay Inventory Cost Management is your centralized source for advanced inventory control, tracking, shipping/receiving, transfers and real-time inventory information.