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The Alpha Bay Difference

In the fast-paced world of retail, keeping up with constantly changing consumer tastes and preferences can be difficult without the proper tools. Retailers are recognizing that the key to success is new technology that builds customer loyalty and drives sales by enhancing and personalizing the shopping experience.

The αBay Retail Suite moves beyond the traditional concept of using technology to simply track inventory and customer sales, and puts the customer at the center of your retail universe.

Alpha Bay’s mission is to provide retailers with a solution that empowers both associates and customers by utilizing leading-edge technology. Process a customer transaction, perform a price lookup, or search a global retailer’s entire network of inventory, all in real-time from a smartphone or tablet using our cloud technology.

The αBay Retail Suite is a powerful, customer-centric retail system that reduces costs, increases revenue, and creates loyal customers by dramatically improving the shopping experience.

αBay Retail Suite includes:

  • POS Apps
    • Mobile POS
    • Mobile Point of Service
  • Store Operations Apps
    • Store Inventory Management
    • Customer Relationship Management
    • Merchandising Management
    • Cash Management
  • Enterprise Management Apps
    • Price and Promotions Management
    • Item Management
    • Business Intelligence/Reporting
    • Inventory Cost Management

αBay delivers real-time data visibility and system scalability via a robust cloud POS platform that allows retailers to reduce their annual IT costs.

To help our customers get the most out of their αBay investment, we also provide expanded global services and support. Alpha Bay will ensure that your solution continues to perform while you stay focused on your business.


Founded in July 2005, Alpha Bay is a global technologies and services provider that delivers the αBay Retail Suite to omni-channel retailers. Alpha Bay is an industry leader in mobile technologies that empower retail associates and customers by providing the flexibility to find inventory and to quickly check out from anywhere in the store by accessing the cloud. Alpha Bay’s mobile technology was developed from the ground up as an integrated component of the αBay Retail Suite.


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